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Re: Question for exhibitors
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I have never entered FEO before.  When my young one, Bullet, was starting out, I started to get him one Jumpers run at trials to use as a Fun Run.  I wanted him to get used to the trial environment as a youngster and since I was already there with Misha, I just entered him there.  It kept me from having to go across town to one of the few Fun Runs that are available and got him some ring exposure at the same time.  And if he just happened to do the course correctly, he gets a Q. But that's not the reason I entered him.  Having the 'Q' a possibility didn't make a difference.

I find that I don't always do runs at trials with the idea of Q'ing and this is one example.  Sometimes I will see a course and wonder "Can we run in a different way than we normally would?" and I'll try that.  Sometimes we crash and burn and others I'm pleasantly surprised! 

The "curse" with this approach of course is when other people start judging.  I would get a lot of smirks when in my mind, I was there to train Bullet in the ring - not Q.  It was another training opportunity - I would have been shocked if he had Q'ed.  People also ask how long has he been trialing - like it's some sort of race to get the NATCH the quickest.  And that's not what I'm after at all - I'm not entered in that race.

The flip side is that at other times I do care more about getting Q's like when I'm trying to rack up points for Champs or some other award.  I'm starting to think in terms of cleaning up some weaknesses and being more consistent with Misha and that's our new challenge.  For Bullet - we're still learning each other and how to work as a team.

Maybe I think of trials very differently than many people.  Maybe I'm too relaxed at trials and not competitive enough for some people's thinking, but I truly see it as a challenge for me and my dog.  No one else matters.

(I found that this way of thinking started in my Calera days BTW.  :)    )

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Re: Question for exhibitors
« Reply #31 on: January 28, 2014, 06:37:54 PM »
I have ran FEO in other venues when I needed to work on something.  Most of us "train" in one location and our dog knows it.  We (dog and handler) may have more nerves at a trial.  So FEO is a good way to work through those nerves in a trial setting.
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