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Canby Funraiser May 18-19-20 "Reminder"
« on: May 14, 2012, 11:01:43 PM »
Another Fun-Raiser is just around the corner. There is less than one
day left to enter at the pre-entry price.
There will be a NADAC Extreme Games Challenge trial on Friday May 18 and a traditional
Fun-raiser trial on May 19-20.

Come join in the fun at our wonderful Sunnybrook Farms site in Canby,
OR. This is an indoor horse arena with a nice surface, loads of crating
space and a huge fenced pasture available for exercising your dogs.

We will be starting the EGC trial at 6pm on Friday. Come try out this
new twist on agility. Bring your young dogs (must be 18 months), your
old dogs and your "in-their-prime-dogs". Courses involve negotiating a
path around gates, barrels, through hoops and tunnels. It's a lot of
fun. Come experience the "Circle of Fun" for yourself. EGC is
something you can train with easy to construct equipment that takes up
much less space ti transport and store than the traditional agility
obstacles. EGC will hone your teamwork and build distance skills.
The May 19-20 Fun-raiser trial begins at 9am each day. The order of the
classes will be:
Sat: Chances, Regular 1 & 2, Jumpers, Weavers, Tunnelers
Sun: TouchNGo, Regular 1 & 2, Chances, Jumpers, Hoopers

Just a reminder, ALL entries must be done online with <>. When you enter
online, you will have the option to pay your entry either via Paypal
(credit cards accepted) or by mailing a check after you receive your
online entry invoice.

We will be taking day of entries for these shows at $12 per run with no
special packages.

The weather looks perfect for the weekend, with lows in the
We hope to see you there!
Arlene and Marj
Marj Vincent
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