Author Topic: WAG (OR) 4/26 - 27 NADAC "Games" trial, Monmouth, OR still open  (Read 465 times)


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Hello! The Willamette Agility Group's non-jumping ("games") Spring into Spring Willamette Cup trial is still open, so if you want to have a little spring fun, please send in your entry forms! The premium is available at the WAG website:

    JUDGE Arlene Courtney

    CLASSES OFFERED (in Tentative Class Order)

    SAT: 2 runs each Tunnelers, Weavers, TouchNGo
    SUN: 2 runs each TouchNGo, Weavers,Tunnelers

    Closing Postmark Date: Mon., April 21. 2014 or when limit is met

    If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Lynda King