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Educational Tip - What is a Containerized Trial?
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Clubs have the option to offer “Containerized” trials.  The difference between a “Containerized” trial and one that is not designated “Containerized” is that when a club designates its trial as “Containerized” no one may leave treats or toys around loose, either ringside or at their setup.  Whereas, in a non-containerized trial, toys and treats may be found loose at set-ups or beyond ten feet from the ring.  The advantage to the club to offer a “Containerized” trial is that it avoids having exposed treats/food anywhere near the gate that can attract insects and distract dogs going in and out of the ring.  It can also reduce distractions in the crating area which may result in incidents while exhibitors are moving dogs in and out of those, sometimes cramped, crating areas.

A “Containerized” trial should not be confused with NADAC allowing exhibitors to have containers in their pockets in the ring.  Exhibitors are allowed, at any time, to enter the ring with a closed/sealed container in the pocket of their pants.  The container must not be visible to the dog or anyone else and may not be opened within ten feet of the ring boundary.  This rule is different from the “Containerized” trial designation.

Submitted by:  NADAC Judge, Jeff Lyons, Santa Rosa, CA
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Re: Educational Tip - What is a Containerized Trial?
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Thank you, Jeff (and Becky).  I believe they are two different issues and sometimes are confused.
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