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Tails Up Agility (TUAC), Chesapeake, VA - Thanks!
« on: April 24, 2014, 06:58:52 PM »
Another amazing Tails Up trial!  We had a beautiful weekend for an outdoor trial.  Many Thanks to our Judge Dwayne Bonker!  Once again, we Welcomed brand new people to our trial!  Thanks to all our exhibitors who pitched in and helped make the weekend quite enjoyable. 

Yappy Hour Saturday evening was our biggest yet!  Of course, the weather played a large part in that! 

Congratulations to all these special achievements from our Brag Board:
Lee Anne McAdam & Jack:  First Elite Weavers Q, Novice All Around
Ashley Huffman & Lissie:  Open Touch N Go Title, First Elite Title Tunnelers, Outstanding Open Regular, Superior Novice Hoopers
Melissa Dimeler & Bonnet:  Novice Hoopers Title and fastest run ever 4.16 yps!!!!
Melissa Reese & Sarah:  Superior Open Touch N Go, Novice All Around
Julia Foust & Joy:  Novice Superior Hoopers, Novice All Around, Relaxed and Happy Start Lines!!!!
Sam Lietz & Schatzi:  Versatility NATCH 11
Karen Cummings & Vader:  Open Tunnelers Title, 5/6 Qs, First Regular Open set of 12 weaves conquered!
Becky Parker & Sampsyn:  Superior Novice Tunnelers
Linda Anderson & Lela Dax:  First time both Regular runs Qs, Best day ever 4/5 Qs
Nicole Davilli & Abbey: Superior Elite Tunnelers
Nicole Davilli & Casey: Novice Chances Title, Novice Versatility,
Cathy Wyatt & Bailey:  Elite Weavers Title
Diana Deadrick & Chesnee:  NATCH 3
Tim Spring & Zee:  Superior Novice Jumpers
Stephanie Reitz & Seamus: Open Extreme Hoopers
Sarah Fix & Jinks:  Versatility NATCH
Karen Hough & Blink:  Superior Novice Chances, Novice Triple Superior
David Burnett & Sadie L:  First Elite run Tunnelers Q
Stephanie Reitz & Gus: Novice Regular Title he remembered how to weave this weekend!
Mary Callaway & Bacchus:  Novice Versatility, Novice Triple Superior, Novice Superior Title
Chris Chapman & Piper:  Novice Weavers Title, Novice Versatility, Superior Open Touch N Go
Sarah Fix & Fire:  15 point Bonus Chances Run!!!

Thank you everyone that came out and played!  We hope to see you again in November.

Chris Chapman
Trial Chair

Chris Chapman
(mom to tiny shelties Chelsea, Piper, and Darci )
Virginia Beach, VA