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BAD thanks you
« on: April 14, 2014, 05:40:08 PM »
Thanks to our wonderful exhibitors who came and had a great time at the Breakaway Action Dogs (BAD) Trial this past weekend.  You all had some really great runs and many good times.  Thanks to everyone who pitched in and help make this trial so successful.  Thanks to Jeff R. for coming with a great attitude and fun courses.  Always a pleasure to work with Jeff.  Love this very nice indoor facility.  Great footing, great food at the café and just a really nice place to run the dogs.

Had lot of brags from the weekend:
Kitty & Cricket Novice Versatility
Gail & Brogan O-WV-O
Gail & Skye S-TN-O and S-HP-O
Ron & Maggie Mae S-NAC
Laura & Rylee S-TN-N
Laura & Tobi OJC and OAC
Terri & Lottie O-NJC
Daniel & Comet S-OAC
Jean & Wit O-NAC
Fran & Latte in their debut weekend, got Qs in HP-N; WV-N; & TG-N
Linda & Nicco Novice and Open Superior All Around
Jan & Izzy NATCH #4
Betty & Libby Versatility NATCH #5

Hope to see you all in August this year.  Thanks for coming and supporting this club.


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