Author Topic: Upcoming NADAC Fun-raisers!  (Read 2989 times)

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Re: Upcoming NADAC Fun-raisers!
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Is the running order of the Funraisers the same as is listed on the Events Calendar?  That is, on June 6-8, the classes are listed as:  Thurs: 2 XBR, 2 XHP Fri: CC, 2 Reg, J, 2 Tg Sat: 2 Reg, 2 J, 2 Wv Sun: 2 CC, 2 Reg, 2 Tn

For instance, Is Barrelers first on Thursday?  Is Weavers last on Saturday?  On Sunday, is Regular after two runs of Chances?

Because I cannot stay the entire time, I would like to know the running order so I can decide which classes to enter.

Thank you.

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