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Thanks from All-American Dog Sports!
« on: April 28, 2014, 06:47:19 PM »
Thanks to all who came out and helped us make this trial a success - especially all those who volunteered and kept things running smoothly! Special thanks to Trial Chair Jennie Jones, Volunteer Coordinator and Hospitality Guru Dawn Jones, and Chief Course Builder Linda Anderson.  This was our fifth trial, and it was our largest ever! We had some nice sunny weather, a few sunburns, and some challenging courses from judge Scott Casino.

I'm happy to announce that my good friend and co-conspirator Jennie Jones and her awesome little dog Tippet finished their first NATCH with a very exciting Chances run!  I'm sure this is the first of many, and I'm so glad it happened at our own trial!

We had lots of other great brags, including:

Lee Anne McAdam and Squeaker: Superior Novice TouchNGo
Cathy Wyatt and Bailey: Oustanding Elite TouchNGo and Outstanding Elite Regular
David Burnette and Sadie L: First Chances Q
Nicole Boyle and Ogden: First Q (in Chances no less!)
Celeste Crisman and Luke: First trial, several Q's!
Sandi Johnston and Storm: First Title in Regular
Cathy Wyatt and Rosie: WV-E 600!
Linda Anderson and Lela: Open Jumpers Title
Linda Anderson and Zia: EJC 900, WV-E 700, 7500 Lifetime Points
Laura Green and Derby - Novice Jumpers Title
Laura Nolan Kroeger and Shimmy: First trial and First Q (in jumpers!)
Cindy Lubin and Tupper: First Open Regular Q (12 poles!)
Lee Anne McAdam and Jack: Superior Oprn TouchNGo
Sharon Harrell and Dinah: Outstanding Novice TouchNGo and Tunnelers
Wendy Biggs and Leah: Novice Regular Title!
Leanne Brownlee-Bowen and Annabelle: First title! TN-N!
Cindi McKenzie and Mac: First trial, first jumpers!
Andrea Lengi
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Leanne B.

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Re: Thanks from All-American Dog Sports!
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Thank you Andrea for a wonderful trial!! 
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Re: Thanks from All-American Dog Sports!
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Thanks TO AADS for another great trial.  All the Blacksburg folks are so welcoming and helpful and Andrea does a great job keeping things going smooth.   If you haven't been to one of these trials, you're missing out on some serious fun.
Linda Anderson
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Re: Thanks from All-American Dog Sports!
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2014, 04:40:51 AM »
The AADS trials are always fun and well run.  There are a lot of up and coming teams in this area and it is awesome to see so many of them having success.  Well done to everyone and thanks to Andrea and Jennie and their team.  See you in the fall!
Lee Anne