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New messages are not notifying me

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Yvette Cook:
Hi Chris (or anyone that may have a suggestion)
I have double checked my settings and have all of the different sections/headings set to "notify" me on new messages. I just noticed that I was not receiving my notifications by email since about April 25th or shortly there after. I usually am just logged in and do look at posts as much as I can, but do like the notifications by email as well as they could be messages that I may want to keep in my email folder. I use Chrome and have a gmail account for my emails.

I intentionally set all unread messages to read last night to see if any new messages would alert me and nope, they didnt.
Anyone else having this issue? Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks in advance for any help....(it could be there havent been many new messages, but it seems there were some this morning in the bonus run section, and that is set to notify me and none came to my email).


I do not always get notified either so might be a glitch or user error for me

Yvette Cook:
Thanks Chelle!
I have been checking on and off from work today to see if there are any new messages. I did see one just now, and looked in my Gmail spam folder and there it was. I'm now thinking it may be a gmail issue and they may have made some changes recently. This is very strange for sure. I'll be checking that folder more often and try to figure out how to get these messages not to go there.


Chris Nelson:
Hey Yvette,

I just tried playing with some settings, so let me know if you get an email for this message.  If not I'll keep digging

Chris Nelson:
Testing this again


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