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New messages are not notifying me

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Chris Nelson:
I think that it's getting closer.   I'm going to spend all of today trying to figure it out.  Already ruled out the hosting company as the issue after talking with them.  Currently talking to the email client and SMF right now.  So fingers crossed.

Yvette Cook:
Awesome. I did receive the bonus video emails so los le you are on the right track! Great job! Thanks for all your hard work!

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Lynda Bowors:
I don't get anything either.

Chris Nelson:

You aren't currently subscribed to any boards.  So the only way you'll get notifications right now is for topics that you have participated in.

If you go to a board you want to be notified of new posts and hit the 'notify' button then you will start getting them.

Just make sure you're clicking notify when you're in the board and not the individual topics within those boards.

Yvette Cook:
Stange. I've received all messages since the change but I didn't receive the one regarding Champs stall reservations and I do have it set to notify me. Just letting you know just in case.


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