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Yellowstone Dog Sports - First May Trial Summary
« on: May 12, 2014, 11:27:14 AM »
Yellowstone Dog Sports hosted a fun agility trial to kick off their 2014 season of events.  The snow and hail didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.  Judge Rachelle Jensen’s continuous smile and positive, friendly encouragement created a warm trial atmosphere.

The YDS kitchen exceeded itself again with yummy  breakfasts, lunches and dinners AND a unique tie-dye birthday cake for Candice Malvin.  The social on Sat evening falls under the category of ‘what happens at YDS, stays at YDS’.  Fun times!

The Intro Level was presented in several Classes and was an overwhelming success and will be a continued feature at all future YDS trials.

There were many courses with Bonus opportunities which were attempted with varying levels of success.  As usual Susan Anderson was the star of the show - with a possible FOUR Bonus Q’s.  She is our hero.

The next YDS trial is Memorial Day weekend and we look forward to another FUN event.  The weather promises to be sunny and warm!  :)

Below is a list of some of the amazing accomplishments and milestones that were achieved this weekend.

Luz - First Novice Weavers Q
Luz - First Novice Chances Q
Hootie - First Regular Q

Zeeta - Superior Novice Hoopers
Gracie - Outstanding Elite Tunnelers
Gracie - Novice Hoopers
Molly - Open Hoopers
Loki - Outstanding Novice Touch n Go
Sisu - Novice Touch n Go
Gracie - Outstanding Elite Touch n Go
Jingle - Open Hoopers
Jake the corgi - Superior Open Touch n Go
Shelby - Elite Touch n Go
Bailey - Outstanding Novice Chances
Tux - Novice Superior Extreme Gaters
Annie - Outstanding Novice Regular
Annie - Superior Novice Jumpers
Annie - Outstanding Novice Tunnelers
Zeeta - Elite Regular
Loki - Outstanding Open Regular
Cricket - Elite Chances
Ripley - Superior Novice Chances
Loki - Superior Novice Chances
Tux - Superior Open Weavers
Sisu - Novice Weavers
Timmy - Novice Weavers
Kati - Elite Jumpers

Ruby - Versatility Natch #3
Kylie - Natch # 2
Bebop - Natch #10
Bebop - 10,000 Overall Points
Teddy - 500 Elite Tunnelers
Teddy - 500 Elite Weavers