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Go Dog Go Agility Club (West Lafayette, IN) June 28-29
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:46:26 AM »
Please come and join us for the upcoming June 28-29 Go Dog Go Agility Club trial.

The trial will be held indoors at a soccer arena. The arena is air conditioned and has artificial turf with rubber pellets.
The soccer arena is very easy to find, right off of Interstate 65. There are many hotels to choose from in many different price ranges.
This is a straight shot down from Chicago for those of you up there and straight up for those of you in Louisville area.

Nick Sparks from Nashville, TN will be our judge for the weekend.

We will have a pitch-in lunch for those who want to participate.

We will be running 2 rounds of Regular both days as well as 1 round of Jumpers and Chances each day.
We will also be running 1 round of TNG, Weavers one day and Tunnelers and Weavers again on the second day.

Get a premium at the Go Dog Go website at:

So don't miss it and come and play!
Hope to see you there...
Karen Neligh
Go Dog Go Agility Club
Indianapolis, IN