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Small World of NADAC
« on: May 23, 2012, 08:04:59 PM »
I'm on vacation, currently heading home. Tonight in a PA KOA with wifi.

Last week I was out at Dayton Ohio and on Thursday afternoon my sister wanted to go see one of the Wright brother's bicycle shops which is a National Historical Park. I sat in the car with Dino and Abby, my sisters dog. After a while my sister returned and tells me I have to go into the bike shop because the ranger does NADAC and knows Dwayne Bonker.

I'm like what? How'd you talk to a ranger about NADAC? My sister said it came up when she mentioned the dogs waiting in the car and the ranger mentioned she got her third dog at Aussie rescue when she went to Championships.

So of course I went in the bike shop to talk to the ranger but she was busy doing her job with visitors. So I walked around and read all the displays and finally she was free and she asked if I was the brother from the car. My sister and I  had matching T shirts on that day.

So for 5 minutes we talked agility and Nadac in one of Orville and Wilbur Wright's bike shops.

The small world of NADAC can happen at the unlikely places.

Oh if I remember the ranger's name tag her name was Karen Rossa.

We'll see who else we may meet down the road.
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