Author Topic: THANKS: U2KANDU (Blue Springs, MO) May 2014  (Read 462 times)


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THANKS: U2KANDU (Blue Springs, MO) May 2014
« on: May 21, 2014, 05:01:56 AM »
On the way to a trial....I broke my arm on the morning of the first day.

I did try some runs at the NADAC show. Although we had no Qs, I learned a lot. Running with one arm puts a new perspective on teamwork and course analysis. Dash was concerned about me and confused by my cues. I got tired, so Greg ran Dash for the first time. Dash was compliant with his dad but spent time looking for me.

If I had to be injured, being with NADAC agility folks was the place to be. Friends and strangers provided support, showed concerned, were helpful, and brought humor to a less than ideal start to the summer. Fran brought me "floss on a stick" after I mentioned that flossing one handed was not happening. Maureen offered to run Dash after it became clear that I did not have the energy to do it myself.  Several people offered suggestions for course analysis. One dear person had advice for talking to Dash about my injury and how it would be all right to run with me.  After it became clear that I was indeed OK, the jokes began to fly: we all know that humor makes us feel better and speeds healing!

I'm very thankful for the help and support from my guys: Greg, Dash, and Buddy. Of course, Greg is bearing the brunt as I figure out how to do things one handed,  and he is handling the things that I can't (like driving all the way home). Dash and Buddy are picking up things that I drop and just generally providing support and comfort.

BTW: I so enjoyed watching the new intro courses!
Jane Clark
Peoria, IL