Author Topic: Four NATCH runs at Ups N Downs Summer Bash!  (Read 252 times)

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Four NATCH runs at Ups N Downs Summer Bash!
« on: June 03, 2014, 08:51:54 AM »
We had a small, but mighty group of competitors came to Ups N Downs Summer NADAC trial this past weekend, 30 May - 1 June. Our fun and easy going local judge Ric Pittman brought some super fun courses to run.  Thanks Ric!

We had the privilege of watching FOUR NATCH runs over the weekend, including two in the same family!

Ronni Russell and Scooter- VNATCH4

Joan Foeste and Savannah- VNATCH

Karen Birdsong and TJ- VNATCH9

Karen Birdsong and Monte- NATCH

What a great group of teams!  Congratulations to all!!!  Many more to come, I'm sure....

Other fun and titling runs that folks told me about (sorry if I missed you) include:

Randy Thomsen and Mattie - Outstanding Novice Tunnelers, Outstanding Open Weavers
Rebecca Kriz and Truly - Open Extreme Chances, Superior Elite Tunnelers
Anne Etherton and Sara - Open Jumpers
Ronni Russell and Ollie - Superior Open Touch N Go, Superior Open Weavers
Lou Kaplan and Jenner - Elite Jumpers
Kathy Upton and Rigel - Elite Jumpers
Anita Cheesman and Porter - Novice Regular

Congrats everyone.  We're all proud of your accomplishments.

I'd like to thank the entire trial committee for all the work that went into making this a fun and relaxing trial weekend for everyone.  We had a nice day of show turnout- many thanks to everyone who attended. 

The next UDAC NADAC trial is our traditional Veteran's On Parade trial in November, so put that on your calendar!

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