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Yellowstone Dog Sports - Thanks and Brags
« on: August 14, 2014, 09:36:13 AM »
Last weekend Yellowstone Dog Sports hosted the last NADAC trial of the summer with many exhibitors both local and far away.  The States and Canadian Provinces represented were Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, California, Alberta (almost Saskatchewan) and of course many from Montana.   It is such fun having this diversity of handlers and dogs, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends.  So special.  Thank you all for coming. 

Thank you to EVERY exhibitor for making this trial such a success -  for helping to gate, scribe, time, pole set, etc. etc.   Special thanks goes out to Tim Anderson and his course building crew, to Bonnie Fauskee for keeping us all organized and to Kristi Hayes for being our very efficient and cheerful Trial Secretary. Patty LeRoy from Alberta, Canada presented us with challenging courses with lots of bonus lines.  It is always a pleasure to have her judge for us.

As usual many handlers mustered up the courage to try bonus lines with varying levels of success.  Each team seemed to earn at least one Bonus Q if not more, pending NADAC review and approval.  The teams were Stacey Sullivan and Sheila, Franceen Dubreuil and Trendy, Jean McCreight and Zack, Cindy Connor and Clover, Gro Aasgaard and Kylie and of course Susan Anderson with Vesta, Flagg and Deizel. 

Congratulations to all the teams on their successful run.  Thanks to all for coming and making the YDS trials so much fun!  See you all next year!

Billie Rosen and Book’n, Arizona - Ver NATCH 3 

Elite - Billie Rosen and K’levr, Arizona
Open - Carol Allison and Coal, Alberta
Novice - Ann Jussero and Sisu, N. Dakota
Non-Herding - Billie Rosen and Book’n, Arizona
Mixed Breed - Ann Jussero and Teddy, N. Dakota

Johnny Deak - Open Touch n Go Title
Sisu - 1000 Lifetime Points
Sisu - Outstanding Novice Weavers Title
Cricket - Superior Elite Tunnelers Title
Lily - Elite Tunnelers Title
Truck’n - 1st NADAC Q ever!
JJ - Novice Weavers Title
JJ - Novice Tunnelers Title
Truckee da Toller - Superior Novice Regular
Sisu - Superior Novice Touch n Go
Ripley - Outstanding Open Tunnelers
Zeeta - Elite Chances Title
Sisu - Outstanding Novice Chances
Coal - Superior Novice Touch n Go
Loki - Superior Novice Weavers
Tux - Outstanding Elite Jumpers
Lily - Novice Jumpers Title
Hope - Novice Superior Weavers
Bailey Bichon - Outstanding Open Reg Title
Bounder - Open Touch n Go Title
JJ - Intro Regular Title
Teddy - Elite Regular 500 points
Cinna - Novice Chances Title
Trendy - First Bonus Q - Chances