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Palomar's Deja Vu Trial Recap
« on: October 20, 2014, 11:10:11 AM »
A beautiful fall weekend was enjoyed by all of our participants at Reggie Field in Dehesa, just south east of San Diego California.  Ric Pittman was our esteemed judge, and he found some really delightful courses for us to run our "deja vu" (known as beta format to NADAC) trial for the second year in a row.  Thanks Ric!

While we didn't have any NATCH runs to celebrate, we had a ton of new titles and lots of interest in the new Intro level.

Here are all the new titles we celebrated this weekend:

Mattie and Randy Thomsen: Open Weavers
Reba and Mary Thomsen: Open Tunnelers
Maggie and Janie Tobey: Novice Weavers, Elite Tunnelers
Jyota and Casey Gerdes: Novice Weavers
Shanti and Casey Gerdes: Outstanding Open Tunnelers
Rush and Diana Walker: Novice Weavers, Open Tunnelers
Truly and Rebecca Kriz: Superior Elite Weavers
Sara and Anne Etherton: Superior Novice TnGo
Rigel and Kathy Upton: Superior Novice Barrelers
Gamma and Kathy Upton: NATCH TnGo
Nellie and Wendy Watts: Superior Open Tunnelers, Elite TnGo

And I saved the "most" for last-

Tesla and Dayle Shimamura: Intro TnGo, Intro Weavers, Outstanding Intro Barrelers, Gaters, and Tunnelers. 
(Tesla was a little spitfire this weekend!)

Thanks goes to our trial committee who made the weekend happen and run smoothly so that everyone could concentrate on having fun with their dogs: Karen Birdsong, Ronni Russell, Dayle Shimamura, Michelle Kriz, Anne and Ron Etherton, and all our wonderful volunteer workers!!!

Thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who helped. 

Hope to see you at our next Palomar trial in February.

Maria Marshall
Trial Secretary

Maria Marshall