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Using RSS with Thunderbird
« on: April 11, 2012, 10:39:07 AM »
You can use RSS with many mail programs to get what looks like email versions of the posts on the forum. I heave set this up on Thunderbird. Many other mail programs support it as well, but their procedures would differ and I have not tested it on other mail readers.

Here are the instructions for setting up a feed for the NADAC forum on Thunderbird:

File ->  New ->  Other Accounts…
Choose "Blogs & News Feeds", then press Continue
Give the account a name, e.g. Agility Feeds (whatever you want to use), then press Continue
If all looks right, press done, otherwise, Go Back to change it

You now have the "Agility Feeds" account showing in the column on the left side of the screen.
Click on it and then in the main panel click "Manage subscriptions".
A dialog box pops up called "Feed Subscriptions". Click the Add button.
A new pop up box appears. Put the following text in the "Feed URL:" field:;type=rss

This will give you what looks like emails in a folder called NADAC Agility. The emails show the topic and the initial lines of the post. You also get a link (under the Subject: line of the message) with a link to the full post. Just click it, and it will take you to that post in the forum.

Note that you can add other feeds to this as well. For instance, you can also add the FluidMotionTraining feed, either in a separate folder or together with the NADAC Forum feed.
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