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Shirlene Clark

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EGC in Australia
« on: June 10, 2012, 04:02:15 PM »
This weekend saw Australian NADAC exhibitors have their first 2 days of EGC trial (previously had a taste of it at last years Nationals and another little go at it earlier this year)......  But a whole 2 what a blast !

The trial almost never went ahead due to heavy rains and flooding but Janelle Geelong ODC's Trial Secretary and her team managed to secure a ground elsewhere and the trial went ahead  :)  Great work GODC !

I have to say as facilitator of NADAC in Australia I was simply blown away with how terrific Australian teams performed and there were some extraordinarily FAST runs with outstanding teamwork between handler and dog.  Some of the "baby" dogs also looked great.  So nice to see "baby'' dogs run with confidence with the focus on following the handlers well directed path and the absence of "obstacle performance" stress.  Surely will be a great foundation for the future in both EGC and traditional agility !!

I am sure there were a number of teams who completed their first Novice Title (300 points) in some of the classes.....I know I did with Smudge but I am sure their were others.  Would love for people to add up their points and let the NADAC community know so we can celebrate with you.

I do know that sometimes when learning new games that the learning curve can be sharp and inevitably there can be some anxiety as we firstly recognise the skills required and then endeavour to develop and nurture those skills.  That is what performance sport is all about.  I could not be prouder of the  NADAC community in Australia for giving in true Australian spirit EGC a red hot go (as we say here).

We will have more EGC in Australia that is a given !

Well done everyone.

Shirlene Clark