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Jean Wilkins

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BAD Agility in Maryland – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
« on: November 24, 2014, 01:36:03 PM »

What a wonderful awesome trial we had at the Breakaway Action Dog (BAD) of Maryland’s November games trial this past weekend.  I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the exhibitors who came with great attitudes and positive spirits for having a great and glorious weekend.  THANKS also for all the help you offered up with working classes, helping with the course changes and hauling sandbags.  This trial was a huge success because of all you wonderful exhibitors.   I can’t say enough about how much fun this trial was, the cheering, the newbies of which there were many either competing at their first trial ever or still very new, the relaxed atmosphere of the trial environment, the good weather, the good food, the fun, the teamwork among the handlers and their dogs.  I think it was my favorite trial of the year.  Thank you all for coming, for coming back and trying the new flooring, which was awesome to run on and the dogs loved it and the handlers did too.

We also had a great judge, Rachelle Jenson who came with great courses and an awesome attitude.  She will be back again on the east coast, we loved her spirit, attitude and her courses.  She was a joy to work with, thanks for helping make this trial so great and fun.

We had several newbies who came out and had a ton of fun and lots of good times.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported BAD.  Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Hope to see you all for our next trials, which will be games only (TN; TG; WV), in our Frederick building with our NEW flooring.  Premiums with be out soon for our January and February trials, need to update them to add INTRO to those trials.  So if you want to try intro, come play with us at those trials.  Check our website for premiums for our upcoming trials at: .

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for making it a great trial. See below for the huge list of brags that we had for this trial.  Congratulations to all on your successes.

Trial Chair

Saturday’s Brags:
Lela and Linda Andersen:  S-TN-O title;
Lucy and Karen Schutz: S-TN-O title;
Latte and Fran Stanford: O-WV-N; O-TG-N titles; 4/5 start line stays;
Comet and Daniel Speck: WV-O title;
Eila and Debra Trent: S-WV-N title;
Skye and Gail Robbins: S-WV-O; S-TG-N titles;
Lissie and Ashley Huffman: S-WV-O title;
Lance and Alice Moyer: WV-E; finally got all 3 sets of weaves in both rounds;
Susie and Shannon Hall: O-WV-O title; was running happy and fast;
Whisper and Carol Guth: S-TG-N title;
Piper and Chris Chapman:  Piper would like the building to be moved OFF the Ancient Indian Burial Grounds;

Sunday’s Brags:
Lucy and Karen Schutz: “E” free day!! WOO HOO!!
Apolo and Joanne Bast:  S-TG-N title;
Gillie and Linda Lessler: had 2 TG runs with little barking and they were Q’s too; 1st Open Tunnelers Q; held start line stays all weekend;
Zia and Lela and Linda Anderson: each got both rounds of TG for 4 TG Q’s;
Whisper and Carol Guth: S-WV-N title;
Cricket and Kitty Bowman: O-TG-O; O-WV-O; W-TN-O titles;
Toula and Betty Rowe:  walked through the building;
Coupe and Lorraine Ross:  did ALL of his weave poles;
Latte and Fran Stanford: TN-N; and ended with 7/9 start line stays.
Piper and Chris Chapman: Piper had a perfect “E”xcellent day L; see note above.
Gabby and Amaya Daley: TN-N; TG-N titles;
Fiona and Denise Baker: Q’ed in TG, yeah big girl
Wit and Jean Wilkins: O-TG-O title;

Libby and Betty Rowe: Versatility NATCH 6;
Dart and Debbie Burdick:  Versatility NATCH 7; and to top that a PERFECT Weekend
Zephyr and Jean Wilkins: S-WV-E; Elite Superior Versatility; Triple Superior Versatility; and Elite All Around; and went 11/12 which is awesome for him.

Again congrats to everyone you all ROCKED this trial.  See you in January we hope!!
Jean Wilkins
Zephyr, Wit, & Autumn


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Re: BAD Agility in Maryland – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2014, 03:29:03 PM »
Sounds like a great trial!

Love the huge variety of the brags!

And Betty's Toula walked thru the building ?  That is HUGE!  Toulas pal Wishie knows how big a deal that was!!

Kent Island, MD

Linda W. Anderson

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Re: BAD Agility in Maryland – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2014, 04:25:03 PM »
Thanks to you, Jean, and all the BAD members.  It was a great trial.  The new flooring is a big improvement both for the dogs and us humans.  Hope to see you all again soon.
Linda & the Daxes
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Re: BAD Agility in Maryland – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2014, 11:12:10 AM »
Thanks to BAD for a good time!  Loved our judge, Rachelle!!!   Yes, Jean, please bring her back!  Congrats to everyone for their successes!  We hope to be there again in Jan and Feb.
Vicki, Jack and Dega
Vicki Storrs