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Sharon Nelson:
Here is a test page for the upcoming NADAC Hall of Fame pages.  This one only has the Elite All Arounds listed but it is a sample of what the pages will look like when completed.

If your photo isn't showing, then be sure to submit a photo of your dog!!  Ideally it is a photo of your dog doing agility or a photo of you and your dog.  People love those types of photos instead of photos of ribbons and trophies, as everyone knows that there were lots of great runs in order to be listed in the Hall of Fame!


Jeannie Biggers:
That is REALLY cool  8) 

Jeannine Doepke:
That's really nice!


Marcy Matties:
All ten fingers and thumbs up!!

Jean Sather (McCreight):
Cool!!  Love seeing all the pix!  ;D


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