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Soliciting Feedback on Judging Applicant - Andrea Entin
« on: February 18, 2016, 12:54:08 PM »
Hi Group,

Andrea Entin from Lakeland, FL has applied to become a NADAC Judge.  Acceptance of her application is contingent on feedback we receive from exhibitors and clubs.
Please respond to me at with your positive comments as well as any concerns you may have.
All responses are confidential.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Becky Woodruff

Requesting Input on:

Are they polite, considerate, friendly to everyone at a trial?

Do they treat their dogs fairly and with respect and always compete in a sportsmanlike manner, as a representative of the sport should be?

Are they interested in other competitorsí successes and achievements?

Are they willing to jump in to help keep trials moving even without being scheduled as a volunteer?

Are they a strong supporter of NADAC, its rules and philosophy, both at a trial and in other areas?

Are they willing and able to knowledgeably discuss NADAC rules and philosophy with fellow exhibitors when asked?

Do they have the ability to handle difficult people with diplomacy and effectiveness?

Do they embrace and support the evolution of NADAC?

Do they have the ability to mentally concentrate for long periods of time and be able to make split second decisions?

Are they physically capable of being on their feet from the measuring of dogs in the morning until the last dog finishes running that day, while maintaining mental focus and a good attitude?

Do they have a good knowledge of how a trial runs, as a score keeper, timer, scribe?
Becky Woodruff