Author Topic: Breakaway Action Dogs (BAD), MD trial......was awesome!!  (Read 599 times)

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Breakaway Action Dogs (BAD), MD trial......was awesome!!
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:09:19 PM »
What a great trial we had at the Breakaway Action Dog (BAD) of Maryland’s January 31 & February 1 games trial this past weekend.  I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the exhibitors who came with great attitudes and positive spirits for having a great and glorious weekend.  THANKS also for all the help you offered up with working classes, helping with the course changes and hauling sandbags.  This trial was a huge success because of all you wonderful exhibitors.   

We also had a great judge, Pat Daggett who came with great courses and an awesome attitude.  Pat’s courses were challenging and fun to run and fit our building perfectly.   Pat was a joy to work with, thanks for helping make this trial so great and fun.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported BAD.  Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Hope to see you all for our next trial, which will be in April at the FISC building with all the classes and some EGC as well.  It will be on sprint turf.  Premium will be out in a few weeks.  Check our website for it at: .

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for making it a great trial. See below for the list of brags that we had for this trial.  Congratulations to all on your successes.

Trial Chair

Weekend Brags:
Tripp and Pam Schiffleger:  S-WV-N title
Rylee and Laure Henrich:  Outstanding Intro Weavers title; and Q’ed in all 4 weaver runs.
Fannie and Peggy Simpson:  1st Q ever in Intro Tunnelers and then earned their Into Tunnelers title.
Navi and Rebecca Umberger: TN-N title
Gillie and Linda Lessler:  Intro Weavers title and NO barking at her; and Q’ed in all 4 weaver runs.
Latte and Fran Stanford: S-TG-N title; their first Superior Title and O-TN-N title.
Lucy and Karen Schutz:  O-TG-O title
Piper and Chris Chapman:  O-TG-E title and Piper says thanks for moving the building from over the ancient burial grounds (see brags from November); WV-E title which gave them their Elite Versatility Title
Elton and Debra Trent S-TG-O
Squeek and Sam Lietz:  Squeek hit 5.09 on a TouchNGo run.
Harry and Karen Merriman:  1st Elite Weavers Q
Brogan and Gail Robbins:  S-WV-O title and Happy Birthday to Gail who turns 70 this week.
Shellie and Gail Robbins:  earned their Intro Tunnelers Title.
Desi and Carolyn Reig:  WV-N; first title ever earned.
Izzey and Karen Schoepp:  earned their first title ever with TN-N.
Wit and Jean Wilkins:  got their 1st 2 Q’s in Weavers, yea.
Kopper and Jean Wilkins had a perfect weekend going 12/12
Sammi and Karen Merriman:  Versatility NATCH 6
Chelsea and Chris Chapman:  Versatility NATCH 14 and a perfect weekend as well, going 12/12

Again congrats to everyone you all ROCKED this trial.  See you in April we hope!!
Jean Wilkins
Zephyr, Wit, & Autumn