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Another great Ramona Rampage!
« on: February 16, 2015, 04:21:58 PM »

It was such a beautiful weekend in Ramona.  Breezes and sunshine.  I think I can speak for everyone that came to Palomar's Ramona Rampage- it was a relaxing and fun weekend.  Judge Chris Nelson brought some fun and challenging courses and a great smile for each run.  Thanks, Chris.

We had three NATCH runs this weekend!  One nobody knew about the first one (including mom) until Monday when the results were checked against point totals....Congratulations to Augie (and me, Maria Marshall) for earning his VERSNATCH2 with a very solid Weavers run first thing on Saturday morning.  Wish I'd known so I could have given him a better treat for weaving so fast!

A hearty congratulations to Monte and Karen Birdsong for achieving both NATCH2 and VERSNATCH2 on a beautiful, smooth Jumpers run on Sunday morning.

Many other fantastic runs were seen this weekend, and the following folks told me about the new titles they had earned:

Foley and Janel Eaton: Novice Weavers

Chili and Donna Mikschl:  Superior Elite Weavers

Shade and Kristina Rank: Open Regular

Solea and Kristina Rank: Open Regular

Trina and Karen Ernest: Open Regular

Zarr and Janemarie Watchorn (handler): Novice Regular

Mattie and Randy Thomsen: Outstanding Open Chances

The Beginners Agility testing was well attended once again and the following teams earned BA titles:

Rigel and Kathy Upton: BA1

Cheyenne and Linda Benardo: BA2

Sinjin and Maria Marshall: BA2

If I missed you, apologies- be sure to let us know next time.

And we still have the HIT awards!  Congratulations again everyone for your fantastic weekends....

Veteran HIT Scooter and Ronni Russell

Elite HIT Bryn and Kyle Trumbull-Clark

Open HIT Dakota and Linda Benardo

Novice HIT Tesla and Dayle Shimamura

Intro HIT Sinjin and Maria Marshall

Pheww. So much good stuff.

Thanks to everyone who came, everyone who volunteered, everyone who cheered....See you next time!

Maria Marshall

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Maria Marshall