Author Topic: Tails Up Agility Club, Chesapeake, VA, Feb 21-22, 2015 - CANCELLED  (Read 950 times)

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Thank you for entering the Tails Up Agility February 21-22, 2015 NADAC trial. 

Unfortunately, for the safety of our exhibitors, both four legged and two legged, we have decided to cancel the trial.

Last night we received approximately six inches of snow in Chesapeake.  The ensuing freezing rain created an icy layer to form on top of the snow.  The conditions are treacherous. 

The Hampton Roads area has had subnormal cold temperatures for the past week and all weather forecasts are saying this week will be just as cold with below freezing temperatures until Saturday.  The ground is frozen.   As such, it is highly unlikely the snow and ice will melt off the trial field/rings by the weekend.  The forecast low for Thursday evening is 1 degree and Friday evening is forecast at 6 degrees.     

Although the trial premium does not require Tails Up to refund entry fees, in this case, we have decided that the club will absorb any sunk costs (judge’s fees, non-refundable portions of judges travel).   TUAC is a not-for-profit club.   If you plan to enter the April trial and would like me to apply your entry fees to that event, please let me know by next Monday.  Otherwise I plan to shred all entry fees.  If you used worker coupons, I have a detailed record of them and will apply them to your trial.
Thank you for entering this trial – we are all disappointed by the turn of the weather but safety is paramount.  We really hope to see you at the April trial!

Joan Oldmixon
TUAC Trial Secretary

Chris Chapman
TUAC Trial Chair
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