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From: Michelle Whall....

Thank you everyone who came out this past weekend! We could not do it without your support and help.

It means more to us that you could ever know. We love hosting these NADAC trials and are so happy that you come time and time again to trial with us. Each and everyone of you have become part of our "extended family".

What makes us even more appreciative is the support that you gave to Tots for Tots!

Because of everyone who donated in so many ways....monetary, toys, and simply not taking a Q so that Addicted to Agility
would donate $1 to Toys for Tots we were able to give Ron Young $806 to start out his drive for the year! In six years he
has raised almost $100,000 for Toys for Tots. Because of the Big Red Elf (Ron Young) and all of you, many children will wake up with toys on Christmas morning who would otherwise have had nothing. You guys are AWESOME!! We will most likely continue
with the "do not take a Q and we will give $1 to Toys for Tots" throughout the year at various trials.

Whenever we needed guys were there from those of you who just stopped by on Friday night to help us to those
of you who stayed and helped us load the trailer.....all without us asking! Thank you again!

A special THANK YOU also to all of you for supporting our new "Young at Heart" run. It was great that you guys cheered on the dogs who ran in this class. It was especially touching for me to see the dogs who got us to where we are in the sport of agility happily running again.

Way to go to the following people who entered our first Young at Heart Run!

Dee Williamson and Reese
Claudia McGuire and Steel
Cory Wajda and Chloe
Donna Allen and Mandy
Mike Whall and Zeus

It may just seem like words but THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Words can not express how much we appreciate everything each and everyone of you do!

Also, be sure to check out (and "Like") Addicted to Agility's Facebook page for the latest information!

Hope to see you on June 23 & 24th!
Deb Totten

Erin Wajda

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Thank you go Addicted for the Young at Heart Run!  I wasn't sure what she would do, but Chloe looked so happy to be out in the ring again, even if the jump bars were on the ground.  She was always one to enjoy people cheering for her.   :)

Erin Wajda
Sand Lake, NY
Erin Wajda
Northeast Agility Enthusiasts
Sand Lake, NY