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Star City Canine Spring Trial March 2015 Brags
« on: March 23, 2015, 07:39:56 PM »
Star City Canine - Roanoke, VA  Spring Trial March 2015 Brags

Star City Canine's 18th NADAC trial is in the books.  Although we had rain Friday morning, it stopped in time for the trial to start.  Saturday and Sunday were beautiful which helped elevate the already happy atmosphere.  Nick Sparks brought fun and challenging courses and a great attitude.  This was our first try with Intro which was well received.  There were lots of  happy dogs and handlers.  Here is the long list of brags from the weekend, including 5 NATCHes.


Chris Chapman & Piper Open Hoopers Superior, Open All Around
Brandi Hodges & Rami Elite Touch & Go Title
David Burnet & Sadie L Novice Superior Title 3 for 3 Qs
Sandi Johnston & Blayze Went 2 for 2, first trial after injury a year ago
Linda Anderson & Lela Outstanding Open Touch & Go, Elite Tunnelers Title
Cindy McKenzie &Mac  - Novice Tunnelers Title first title
Cathy Wyatt & Bailey Outstanding Elite Tunnelers


Andrea Lengi & Brie NATCH 5
Sam Leitz & Schatzi Versatility NATCH 15
Linda Anderson & Zia NATCH 10
Cindy McKenzie &Mac  -  Novice Regular Title
Cathy Wyatt & Rosie 5,000 Lifetime Points


Kathy Fitzpatrick & Mojo Open Jumpers Title
Andrea Lengi & Pye NATCH 3
Chris Chapman & Chelsea NATCH 21
Eric Secor & Dylan - NATCH
Rebekah McCune Novice Chances Title, Novice Weavers Title, Novice Versatility
Betty Wilson & Quinn Open Chances Title, nailed all contacts & weaves
Becki Umberger & Jet Intro Regular Title
Becki Umberger & Navi no cone pick-ups
Linda Anderson & Lela Elite Jumpers Title, Outstanding Open Regular
Jennie Jones & Tippet Elite Superior Chances, Elite Triple Superior
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