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Chris Nelson:
Alright I think I've got the majority of the pages out there now, with the exception of Championship handlers and maybe one other.

So now for what I missed.

If something is wrong, post it here so I can fix it. 
The only thing you shouldn't post here is if you aren't on the list, but you are newly added.  I'm working on getting the most recent people in there.

But if your photo is missing, name is spelled wrong, you have a $ symbol instead of a # symbol next to your number, we can get that fixed.

So just throw those issues in here and I'll fix it and then respond once it's done :)

Linda W. Anderson:
Sorry to be a pest, but I'm having trouble finding the actual lists.  Help!

Where is the updated Hall of fame?

Gina Pizzo

Chris Nelson:

Scott Casino:
Wow, that's pretty slick! Great job Chris!


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