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« on: May 10, 2015, 06:54:07 PM »
Thanks so much to a great group of exhibitors, great judge Craig Coonrad, super fabulous trial secretary Rachael Roper, hard working course builder Mike Eggum and crew and Wonderful Worker Wrangler Bonnie Fauskee and great trial committee (Gro Aasgaard!).

TWO NEW NATCHS!!!!  Kristi Hayes and CRICKET and Anne Murray and ZEETA!

High in Trial Awards: Elite Rachelle Jensen and Miseau, Open Rachael Roper and Mollie, Novice Kathy Harkala and JJ, Intro Wendi Holz and Odin, Mixed Breed Ann Jussero and Teddy, Non-Herding Ann Jussero and Sisu.

Many thanks to trial photographer: Alanna Leach

Lots of other great runs and BRAGS:

Bob Ruble and Silvie - Novice Hoopers Title

Ann Jussero and Sisu - Outstanding Novice Hoopers, Open Regular Title, Outstanding Open TNG, Superior Novice WV, Novice Superior Versatility, Open TN

Brandi Morris and Rango - Intro Hoopers TITLE

Brandi Morris and Annie - Novice Jumpers

Pam Pfau and Manda - Open Hoopers

Kathy Harkala and JJ - Novice Hoopers, Intro Chances

Tanah Oesterman and Ice - Novice Hoopers, Elite Regular Title (WATCH OUT FOR THIS JUNIOR HANDLER!!!)

Rachael Roper and Molly - Elite TNG

Billie Kerans (great weekend!!) with Ripley - Superior Open TNG, Elite WV

Wendi Holz and Bailey - Superior Novice Regular, Open Chances

Kristi Hayes and Lily - Outstanding Novice Jumpers

Sharon Hendrickson and Shane - Intro WV, Novice Regular

Jean McCreight and Tux - Superior Elite WV

Carla Van Siclen and JULIE - Novice TN Title

Carla Van Siclen and Lady - Elite Superior TN

Carolyn Jones and Timmy - Elite Tunnels


A Jussero

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Re: YDS Trial - THANKS and BRAGS!
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Everyone should make a trip to this facility.  Wonderful footing, food, dogs, people, sometimes wonderful weather.  Thanks, Elaine, for following up your vision.
Ann J.


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Re: YDS Trial - THANKS and BRAGS!
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I will second that, Ann!  Great place!!!
Rachelle Jensen