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Thanks from All-American Dog Sports
« on: June 02, 2015, 05:50:08 AM »
Thanks to all who came out for the May 30-31 All-American Dog Sports trial!  We had a great time with Judge Ben Philibert, with fun courses, nice weather, and good friends.  Special thanks to our awesome volunteers - everyone really stepped up to keep things running smoothly!  It was great seeing so many dogs finish titles and handlers achieve goals!  Congratulations to everyone on your accomplishments!  From the brag board:

Dinah – Outstanding Open TNG
Mac – 2 Q’s: TNG, 1st Tunnelers
Jet – Outstanding Novice TNG
Kalle - Outstanding Novice TNG
Chief - Outstanding Open TNG
Coco – Open Weavers
Jad “Zia” Dax – Versatility NATCH 8
Winston – Novice Weavers
Annabelle – First Open title!
Luke – Novice Versatility!
Chief – Superior Novice Tunnelers; Superior Novice Versatility; Novice All Around
Elijah – Novice Tunnelers
Lela Dax – Open Outstanding Weavers
Annabelle – Novice TNG Title
Luke – First Open Title –TNG
Biscuit – 1st Q + 1st Place!
Karma - Outstanding Novice Tunnelers
Kyra – Novice Weavers title
Elijah - Novice Weavers title
Tak - Outstanding Novice Tunnelers
Annabelle – Novice Weavers title

Great job, everyone!

Andrea Lengi
Andrea Lengi
Brie, Pye-Dog, and Audie

Leanne B.

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Re: Thanks from All-American Dog Sports
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Thank you Andrea, for putting on a fantastic trial!!
Leanne Brownlee
Annabelle & Blue