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Canine Bodywork and Herbals at NADAC Championships!
« on: September 19, 2015, 09:05:40 AM »
Hi Everyone!
   I will be offering Canine Bodywork and Herbal sessions at my Fluid Motion Agility​ booth at the NADAC Championships in Springfield, IL this year! I will be available from Monday - Sunday

The Canine Bodywork sessions will be on a first come/first serve basis as I will not be at my booth 100% of the time. I may also have to limit the number of dogs I work with each day depending on when and where I am needed to help Chris​ with Champs. :-D 

A Bodywork session may include Manual Ligament Therapy, Acupressure, Cold Laser, and Essential Oil therapy, depending on the needs of the dog, every Bodywork session will include Massage and Fluid Motion Bodywork. ( )

I will also be offering Herbal tinctures at champs for soreness, anxiety, and fatigue.  I can also make custom tinctures tailored to any special needs of your dog. If you have an idea of an issue that may need to be addressed or would like to start a custom tincture now, please email me before Thursday so I can pick up additional herbs if needed.


Canine Bodywork session ( 30 mins - 45 mins depending on dog) - $60  (multiple sessions will receive a discount)

Herbal session (includes consult and tincture) - $40

Bodywork Assesment (10-15 mins assessment of the dog to check for soreness or any issues that may be happening) - $20

I will have my credit card reader with me, so I can take cards this year! :-)

Please contact me before Thursday ( the 24th ) if you have any special orders you would like to do or specific concerns that you want me to address while at the Championships.

For more information about me or Fluid Motion Agility please visit

Amanda Nelson, SAMP
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