Author Topic: PTC 16-17 June (Moorabbin, Australia) Trial Wrap up  (Read 978 times)

Shirlene Clark

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PTC 16-17 June (Moorabbin, Australia) Trial Wrap up
« on: June 17, 2012, 05:28:27 PM »
Another successful and enjoyable NADAC trial was held this weekend in Australia.  As always the atmosphere was warm and friendly and it looked to me like everyone was having a terrific time playing the game with their dogs.  Although a little windy we can be thankful for that as it kept the rain at bay (not that I think that would dampen our spirits anyway).  At one point in time I was sitting on the edge of the equipment trailer eating my sandwich (a rarity for me as I usually do not sit still at trials - always something to do) and it was just wonderful to look around and enjoy the sight of a NADAC trial.  In the ring a Novice class was running and there were people ringside cheering their friends ....celebrating successes, laughing at the funny side of things and encouraging one another.  In the ring the ever capable Judge Wendy Napier was teaching and guiding Judge Trainee Malcolm Curley.....they were working side by side with calm professionalism as they set courses and made everything just right for all the exhibitors and their dogs.  Then I took in the sight around the ring.....a couple of Margaret Widelocks little Koolie puppies where romping together and people were laughing and smiling at their antics.  Others were sharing food and enjoying each others company....laughing and smiling at their own jokes and conversation.  Those preparing for their runs with their dogs were going through their pre-run rituals with their dogs....wanting that perfect connection with their team mate.  Occasionally someone on their way back to their tent after their run would stop and say to me "did you see my run....we're getting better aren't we ?"

In all honesty it was the most perfect sandwich I have ever eaten  :)

Congratulations to our Workers Raffle winners - Sue Rowe and Kelly Hall

Congratulations to our Highest in Trial winners;

Novice level - Vivienne Benham and Barkley (American Staffordshire Mix)

Open level - Janelle Convery and Mason (Golden Retriever)

Elite level - Janet Napier and Rosie (Sheltie)

See you all at the next NADAC trial July 22 in Bacchus Marsh

Shirlene Clark

Phyllis Sanders

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Re: PTC 16-17 June (Moorabbin, Australia) Trial Wrap up
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2012, 06:33:01 AM »
Sounds like everyone had a fun time (as it should be).
Phyllis Sanders