Author Topic: Adding another 2016 AMANDA NELSON July Seminar at YDS  (Read 1255 times)


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Adding another 2016 AMANDA NELSON July Seminar at YDS
« on: October 30, 2015, 08:46:38 AM »
Official registration for 2016 at YDS doesn't open until Sunday, November 1 but I opened up seminars to previous attendees and Amanda Nelson's July 23-24 Seminar is already FULL (with 15) so I'm adding another one because several people have already contacted me wanting IN.

Plus I'd like to limit to 12 working spots so people get more chance to work their dogs.

Amanda has been doing AMAZING seminars at YDS and across the US with lots of great information and positive energy PLUS her 2015 Championships video has gone viral with nearly a million views and nearly 20K shares so she's a ROCK STAR generating a lot of interest in NADAC style distance handling!

Hopefully, the registration form and calendar will reflect these changes before registration officially opens on Sunday but here's the info:

Amanda Nelson I - July 21-22 (Thursday 12-5pm and Friday 9-5pm) Cost:$200 Limited to 12 working spots includes lunch on Friday.

Amanda Nelson II - July 23-24 from 9am-4pm Cost $200 Limited to 12 working spots includes lunch. (might have openings depending on how many move to Th/Fri).

(p.s. Paula Goss Seminars in June just have 2 working spots available in each.)

Contact me if you have questions!

Hope to see you at YDS in 2016! Online registration form available at