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Patricia Hackett

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Thanks from All About Animals!
« on: November 16, 2015, 06:11:10 AM »
Our All About Animals! trial was blessed this past weekend.  We had a beautiful new site, beautiful weather, and lots of beautiful people and dogs to attend our trial.  In addition we had yet another wonderful NADAC judge, Sunny Williams.  Thank you so much Sunny for the great courses and all your help with any challenges that surfaced (a little play on words) this weekend.  In the end, we seemed to have happy people and dogs for the runs.
As, in the past, we cannot thank our exhibitors enough for support of our little club.  You jumped in to help us make this another successful trial. 
Although there were many accomplishments, we are happy to announce that Karen Merriman and her partner Harry earned their NATCH 2 title this past weekend.  Just love handing out those large ribbons and this team deserved every inch of that ribbon. 
Congratulations to those who also made personal goals that may not have been awarded ribbons but having success with a stay, or a contact, or weaves, or whatever your goals, is sometimes more gratifying than any ribbon could offer. 
We also thank NADAC for giving us a venue we can love and enjoy with lots of fun courses, games, and levels so our dogs can help us achieve our dreams.
Until we see you all again, All About Animals! encourages you to run free, run happy, and have fun.
Pat Hackett
Pat Hackett