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Flint Creek Flyers June 15-17 Trial - Thanks & Brags
« on: June 20, 2012, 01:56:18 PM »
Thank you to all who attended the fifth annual Flint Creek Flyers NADAC agility trial. We were blessed with good weather, excellent food and interesting wagers ( chew on a penis or swallow a testicle...Hmmmmm?). Judge Blair Bloxham got to mine for local sapphires and even get one cut and will have a sparklie sent to him in the mail...all his judge's gift thanks to Anna Provost and Opal Mountain Gems in Philipsburg. I had great Cabin guests in Val Crossland and Lakota and Riley. Jackie Loeser did a great job as chief course builder and Craig Coonrad and Natasha Osborn stayed on site and watched the equipment and changed irrigation pipe in the wee hours of the morning. Catherine LeCours jumped in on Sunday to be chief ring steward too. We borrowed tunnel bags from RAD and Got Dog, and electronic timer from Val.  Thank you all for working numerous times as course builders, gate steward, timer, scribe, leash runner and bar setters.  We are most thankful for the wonderful support you all give to our junior handlers.  We depend on them and their families for all of the equipment hauling for the trial, the fair and to and from Chelle's house and the barn. Stockman's bar in Hall added an extra treat with the annual nut feed...calf testicles that is....Rocky Mountain Oysters...

We had just a few people write their brags on the brag board, so we’ll add a few that we are aware of and recognize the efforts of our junior handlers who are the heart of the Flint Creek Flyers.
Giggs & Bethany - novice hoopers title.
Timbre & Joni – open regular, open outstanding tunnelers and novice chances titles.
Saige & Jeannie – 20-pt bonus Q in touch-n-go.
Terra & Catherine – 20-pt bonus Q’s in jumpers and weavers.
Sophie & Witt – Q in touch-n-go.
Piper & Lee – fastest tunnelers run.
Flint Creek Flyers:
Charlee & Anna – first trial, earned their first Q ever in tunnelers, earned four 1st and three 2nd place ribbons.
Oreo & Shelby – Q’s in both rounds of tunnelers, earning their first title, novice tunnelers. Earned seven 1st, one 2nd and one 4th place ribbon.
Daisy & Jessie – first trial, received two 1st and a 3rd place ribbon.
Tipsy & Kayla – first trial, earned 3rd place in tunnelers. (Thanks for loaning your dog Paul.)
Roxie & Audrie – first trial, earned a 1st, two 2nd, a 3rd and two 4th place ribbons.
Jazz & Luke – earned three 1st and five 2nd place ribbons.
Ace & Olivia – earned a Q in tunnelers with a 3rd place and two 1st place ribbons.
Solly ran with Morgan, Audrey & Luke, earning 1st, 2nd and 4th place ribbons.
Frog had two awesome runs with Susanna and Sara, who don’t even have a dog of their own. (Thank you Natasha.)
Congratulations to everyone and thanks for making each of our trials so memorable.

Chelle, LeeAnn, & The Flint Creek Flyers

Molly & Nyx

Jeannie Biggers

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Re: Flint Creek Flyers June 15-17 Trial - Thanks & Brags
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2012, 02:35:21 PM »
The trial was way fun.... thanks to Chelle for all your hard work and hosting a wonderful dinner Friday night!  And I think you did most of the cooking for the dinner on Saturday night too!! 

I didnt write it on the brag board but Miss Paisley earned her Elite All Around with the last class of the day... Weavers  ;D

Thanks FCF and the little quiet (until we show up) town of Hall Montana!
Jeannie Biggers
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Re: Flint Creek Flyers June 15-17 Trial - Thanks & Brags
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2012, 04:52:59 PM »
it was a blast! The conditions were great for taking pictures, working on the 8,500 that I took there.:-) I've gotten them all loaded into lightroom anyway!

Joe Fisher
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