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GDAC January Trial Brags
« on: January 28, 2016, 08:41:23 PM »
Wow what an amazing trial!!  All of the dogs seemed to really be pumped to be playing agility.  HIT was close on all levels.  Brags list has to be one of the longest lists that I have seen in quite awhile.  Thank you to everyone that came out to play and support our club.  Thank you to Traci Bruchok for the fun and amazing courses.  They posed challenges for all and most stepped up to the challenge without breaking a sweat to say the least.  Thank you to Phyllis for once again supplying some amazing food so no one went hungry!!  I genuinely believe everyone had a fabulous time at this trial.  The weather held out and the atmosphere was supportive and fun.  We hope to see everyone again at our next trial in March.  Please refer to our Facebook page and/or website for HIT pictures etc.  Again thank you for the wonderful weekend.  You ALL made my weekend very rewarding.  Congrats to all of you.

High In Trial Teams:
Intro-Andy & Teresa Nauman
Intro Vet-Ernie & Jean Justad
Novice-Nero & Nancy Creel
Open-Manda & Pamela Pfau
Open Vet-Zeeta & Anne Murray
Elite-Durango & Crystal Young
Elite Vet-Flurry & Susan Randall

Clover-V NATCH 5, member of 10 NATCH club

Liesl-Elite Tunnelers
Zorro-Novice Hoopers
George-Open Hoopers
Zeeta-Open Outstanding Hoopers
Durango-Superior Novice Barrelers, Outstanding Elite Weavers, 6 Q's Saturday, 6 Q's Sunday
Flurry-Outstanding Novice Barrelers, Outstanding Open X Hoopers, 8 Q's Saturday, 6 Q's Sunday
Manda-Open Barrelers, Outstanding Open X Hoopers, 7 Q's Saturday
Kricket-did NOT freak out on dogwalk, Intro X Hoopers
Loopy-First trial First Tunnelers Q
Lily-Superior Open Touch & Go
Alice-Novice Barrelers
Brady-Elite Outstanding Touch & Go
PJ-First Elite Weavers Q, Novice X Hoopers
Jet-Outstanding Elite Tunnelers
Deakon-Outstanding Elite Tunnelers
Granite-Superior Intro Tunnelers
Bailey-Superior Intro Tunnelers, Outstanding Novice Hoopers
Banjo-Intro Tunnelers
Blink-Novice Tunnelers
Andy-Intro X Hoopers, 6 Q's Saturday, Intro Touch & Go, Intro Tunnelers, Intro Hoopers
Drake-6 Q's Saturday
Nero-6 Q's Saturday, Open Touch & Go, Novice Tunnelers, Novice Weavers
Prim-First Trial, 6 Q's Saturday, Novice Touch & Go, Novice Tunnelers
Clover-6 Q's Saturday
Piper-Superior Open Touch & Go
Peaches-Outstanding Open Touch & Go
Bocci-Novice Tunnelers
Laddie-Intro Tunnelers

Crystal Young
Assistant Trial Chair

Crystal Young
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