Author Topic: K9 Cancer Research Grant - Fiona's Birthday Bash  (Read 1713 times)


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K9 Cancer Research Grant - Fiona's Birthday Bash
« on: April 12, 2016, 09:37:40 PM »
Hi All
Some of you may know this, it's not been FB broadcasts until recently, but my little girl Fiona was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in May of 2015.  Her prognoses was not great.  Upon recommendation of a fellow handler, we visited Purdue Univ.  Dr Knapp is THE small animal bladder cancer specialist.  Not much could be done except she needed a stint to keep one of her kidneys functioning, otherwise she wouldn't have made it thru the summer.  A month after the surgery she finished 5k lifetime points for NADAC.  Then earned a third national title in another venue, placed 2nd at NADAC champs and earned her Century Standard title in AKC, while all this time taking chemo twice a month.

Each year on her birthday we host a benefit.  The past benefits have supported rescues - her and all our dogs are from rescues.  This year we are hosting a show-n-go in Nashville - which you are all invited - and this year's theme is a Research Grant for Purdue University.  This grant will go to help all our dogs survive bladder cancer.  It is basically a cancer research donation targeted at a specific location with a specific plan.  It will NOT in any way go to Fiona's treatment. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up.  If you would like to support, please donate and / or repost the link in your circle of dog friends.  A check will be presented to Purdue after the party on the 1st.  All moneys accepted will go to Purdue.

Thank you for your time

Julie MacLeod

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Re: K9 Cancer Research Grant - Fiona's Birthday Bash
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What a nice way to celebrate Fiona and her accomplishments!

Julie MacLeod
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