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Re: Barrelers and XHoopers thoughts
« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2016, 10:58:16 PM »
For me, it doesn't matter how it's scored. I run it the same. Run to have FUN! Fixing things is not fun. If my dog misses, oh well. We're still having fun.

If I DO fix something on course, it's because I want to try something different to get my dog successful, since I know *I* am the reason for the error. But I make sure that if I do so, it's in a positive, upbeat way so my dog is still super happy. That's one of the great things about the beta format, getting to try different handling. I WILL take an E to train contacts as we had been having an issue with that, but still... dog gets it right the second time, there is a lot of happy from me to them. We continue the rest of the run as if there was never an issue.

Q's are great, but they are NOT what matters to me. The fun of enjoying this sport with my 4 legged best friends is what matters to me. I feel bad for the dogs who's owners don't feel that way.
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Re: Barrelers and XHoopers thoughts
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Why change your way of running the class?  If you had FUN before then don't change just because of the option of a Q. 

Just my thoughts.

I have run and have no clue about the scoring.  I run for fun and it is still a blast!  If I Q, that is icing.  The fun is may more important than the Q.


I too like the old way of scoring - I liked NOT FIXING a wrong course and I loved the option of a 15 point Q for my fast dog and a 5 point Q for my steady dog ... I will keep playing it but I do think that with wrong courses now an issue vs a fault I may rethink how I run the course (or not)

I just like the old way of scoring better - it made it a lot more fun and I loved the striving for that 15 pt Q - a real rush

To a point I agree.  I also agree with the large number that have an issue of "speed is more important than accuracy".  When we started we did not envision dogs missing obstacles and still getting a  15 point Q, which means they are 1 1/2 times better than a normal Q.  I don't really feel that totally missing obstacles should result in bonus points.  If we tighten the times down to stop the fast dogs from getting extra points when they miss something for two faults, then that starts to hurt everyone that entered.

I feel better that if a dog doesn't run the course as numbered, then they shouldn't have extra points earned for missing those obstacles, since running past something and not doing it is faster than following handlers cues to stay on course.


I see your point regarding rewarding fast dogs for wrong courses!  ;)
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Re: Barrelers and XHoopers thoughts
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I have only run under the new rules for Barrelers twice now and I know it takes time for me to adjust to new things, but right now I too prefer the old scoring method.  At least when it comes to rounding a barrel.  Previously if my dog went wide on a 180 around the barrel and missed one of the hoops we had a chance of getting at least 5 points, now it is nothing.   I’ve worked hard to get the older dog, to understand that going around the barrel does not mean around the hoop and barrel; he seems to insist that together they make one obstacle.   If I’m not there to help lure him though the 2nd hoop he often misses it…he thinks he is preforming correctly.  (Hey, he is 11.  He has seen a lot of changes…the addition of hoops, then barrels, then hoop beside barrels.)

Then last weekend, suddenly a barrel with only 1 hoop and the dogs were to weave out and go around/past the non-hoop side.  Well bless his heart, he said “Got it mom, I’m supposed to take the hoop as I go by a barrel”. 

Like so many, I do not have the area in which to train and practice any type of speed and distance handling, except at a trial.   So it will take us some time to adjust and change our training.  After a little venting, I will set it aside and get to work on the new skills we need to learn.   If things did not change and the dogs were robots, I think we would get bored. 
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