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Teaching GO GO GO online course
« on: May 06, 2016, 04:30:23 PM »

​As I travel all over the continent doing seminars, one skill I find is consistently lacking is “GO – GO STRAIGHT !!. Many dogs cannot do 2 (3 or more) jumps or hoops in a row in a straight line without curling in, spinning or barking. So I decided to a 4 week online class working on GO !! If you have a dog that has a hard time continually moving forward and/doing the last obstacle, this class is for YOU!!

Week 1: Understanding body language, verbal cues and motion to get your dog to go forward; going over using targets and toys and warm ups shadow-handling

Week 2: Go forward using 3 hoops and target. Leadouts and backchaining to not leading out and driving forward.

Week 3: Go forward using 3 hoops and tunnel

Week 4: Go forward using 3 or more hoops, tunnel with off course hoops.

Required equipment:. 5 hoops and a tunnel. Minimum space: 40x50. We will have longer and wider sequences but I can break them down into smaller spaces for those with only 40x50 space. You will videotape and upload your videos to youtube. A facebook page will be setup to post my videos, lectures and discussions. Working participants will post their videos. Everyone is welcome to comment and ask questions. 

Dogs of any level are welcome. Dogs must be at least 7 months old to participate. 

Auditing $50.

LIMIT: 10 Working Spots, unlimited auditors

STARTS: May 25th. I will keep the facebook page open until July 12th to give people time to practice and videotape.

Email me at for more info and questions!
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