Author Topic: Artful Dodgers, Halethorpe, MD, July 9-10 GAMES Trial Premium Available  (Read 745 times)


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Hello everyone,

The Artful Dodgers July 9-10 trial premium is attached and we are accepting entries. Classes include Weavers, Tunnelers, Barrelers, XHoopers and Numbered Hoopers. Please note this is a double run format trial, which means you run the same course twice with no second walk through. Come join us in our air conditioned building for some summer fun!

Just a reminder: we are also having a trial in June with regular classes plus XHoopers and Barrelers. That premium is posted on the forum as well.

Both premiums can also be found on our club website at

Raimi Quiton
Trial Secretary
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Jean Wilkins

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Just a reminder to come & play with us at our Artful Dodgers "Funky" trial on July 9 & 10.  The AC in the building was awesome in June, the dogs ran great on the spring turf.

It was deemed a "funky" trial because of the classes we are running:
Saturday:  Numbered Hoopers (2 Rds); Weavers (2 Rds); Barrelers (2 Rds); XHoopers (2 Rds);
Sunday: XHoopers (2 Rds); Barrelers (2 Rds); Tunnelers (2 Rds); Numbered Hoopers.

The trial should run fast and fun and we should be able to be finished before the heat of the day.

Premium is attached in the orginial message.

Hope you all will come and have a great time with us.

Jean Wilkins
Zephyr, Wit, & Autumn