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Debi Hutchinson

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Well Done! From PAWZAZZ
« on: May 31, 2016, 08:11:32 AM »
I love our brag board! It's always fun to see not only titles but other joyful things!
Our Memorial Day Weekend Trial was so relaxing! Just smiles; hugs and grins!
Thanks to Roger Coor for another great job and thanks to whoever designed the
interesting and challenging courses. And now, THE BRAG BOARD! (just as printed on the board!)

Loki bacon Bit- S-NAC, S-NCC
Fly - NiviceVersatility; Novice T&G, Novice Chances
Tripp- S-Open Reg
Torrey- O-OAC; S-NCC
Jake - NAC
WINSTON voluntarily went into the pond twice!!
Cody V-NATCH 8  :)
Bluff- the real jump Nov Superior
Conner- OAC
Gus- Elite Chances, Outstanding Elite Jumpers
Beamer - NATCH 2
Bubba - NATCH 13
Reba - Novice Tunnelers
Chica - FIRST Jumpers Q!!!
Clay and Yoshi Elite Hoopers Outstanding
Debi and Gabe Elite All Around

Congratulations to all! See you again in July!

Debi Hutchinson
Pasadena, MD