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Four Paws Rule, June 3-5, 2016
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Four Paws Rule held its annual Spring Fling trial last week-end, June 3-5, at the Jewett residence in Otis Orchards, Washington.  Naturally, it was the Inland Northwest’s first hot week-end of 2016!  But our judge kept us moving and our volunteers hopped to it, so we were able to finish running before the hottest part of the day.  We had great courses and fellowship, as well as our usual great barbecue with Gordon Jewett’s hamburgers, Karen Egbert’s chiles rellenos and potatoes, and Sydney Chambers’ basil-jalapeno margaritas, among other goodies. 

Thank you to Greg Battaglia for kind and helpful judging.  (It is always good to have Greg back in the Inland Northwest.)  Thank you to our super-organized secretary, Dorothy Bowers.  Thank you to the Jewetts for sharing their space.  Thank you, especially, to all our participants for your good spirits and help!  We were very happy to see so many of our friends from the region, and hope to see you all again at our September trial.

From our Brag Board:
Eyce and Linda Thompson: Intro Jumpers title.
Flurry and Susan Randall: NATCH 7.
Griff and Terry Jewett: NATCH 3 and Versatility NATCH 1.
Harrie and April Weber: 10,000 Lifetime Points. 
Jazz and Linda Thompson: Elite Weavers title.
Molly (Australian Shepherd) and Donna Clark: Open Outstanding Chances title and Open Outstanding Regular title.
Molly (Dachshund mix) and Karen Egbert: First successful weave pole performance at an outdoor trial.
Skyler and Marion Kooyman: NATCH 6.

Sent by Carolynne Myall, for Four Paws Rule