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Online Conditioning for Barrels Class
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:14:51 AM »

Lately there have been discussions about barrel performances and lack of flexibility in the dog’s spine.  As a FITPAWS Master Trainer and a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer through the University of Tennessee, I perform many conditioning exercises that are geared for fast efficient barrel performances.   Flexibility exercises are a big part of my conditioning program so I thought I would show you a few exercises that I do to increase flexibility in my dog’s spine.   There are many more flexibility, strength and balance exercises than can prepare the dog’s body for correct barrel performances so I am offering a conditioning for barrels online class. 

Here is a video of my dogs performing nice tight barrels with great collection into the barrel, great flexibility in their spines and tight barrels!

Here is a video of  Rev:  Elite Barrelers 

Here is a video of training barrels: 

Here is my fitness webpage:

My Warm-up Routine has many flexibility exercises:

Cookie Stretch

 Bench on Bones     Here is an video of advanced exercises that engage front and hind limbs as well as the core.  It also works balance, body awaress and flexibility !

In order to perform a barrel safely and efficiently, a dog must learn to collect, change leads, bend their bodies and have power to take off again.    There are many exercises that can help your dog gain the strength, flexibility and balance needed to execute these tasks with efficiency, speed and power. 

In order to condition our dogs for optimal and safe barrel performances, we need to work the body in all 3 planes of motion- Median, Dorsal and Transverse.  These are basically forwards and backwards, side to side /bending and twisting of the spine/hip rotation. We also need to work the whole body- front, core and hind limbs with strength, flexibility and balance exercises.   In this class, we will go over exercises geared toward conditioning dogs for optimal barrel performances.
We will go over exercises that can strengthen the front, hind-end and core muscles, increase flexibility and balance with emphasis on proper form, technique and reward placement.  It will also increase your bond/relationship with your dog. 

This will be a 4 week class.  I will post homework every 2 weeks giving you time to practice and video-tape the lessons.    It takes 10-14 days of same exercise to build muscle. It also takes time to learn the exercises emphasizing good form.

Step by step instructions, videos and assignments are given.  Multiple videos with different dogs will be shown. I will give detailed feedback and suggestions and many times request the exercise to be redone.

Required equipment:  Aerobic Bench or board or equivalent
Recommended- fitpaws fitbone or balance disc. Balance discs are cheap on Amazon.  We can substitute coach cushion, big pillow if u don't have any fitness equipment (but I bet you will want to buy equipment after watching videos and doing the exercises ☺ )

A facebook page will be setup to post my videos, lectures and discussions.   Working participants will post their videos.  Everyone is welcome to comment and ask questions.   

Time Frame:   The  class will begin July 12th and you will until the end of September to post videos.

Fees- Working Spot:  $100.
Auditing Spot:  $50

If you are interested in doing the online conditioning for barrels class, please  Email me at
I am also  available for agility and conditioning seminars and private instruction.

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Re: Online Conditioning for Barrels Class
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2016, 04:09:57 PM »
Is Synergy's barrel performance at 2:43 in the second video acceptable or faultable because of the body spin mid-performance?