Author Topic: Lisa Bonker Seminar, EGC and NADAC trials, Lloydminster, Alberta  (Read 2079 times)

Alanna Leach

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Novice Seminar - July 9/10 - one spot available - $250
Open/Elite - July 11/12 - two spots available - $250

Also, entries are pretty light for the EGC (July 13) and NADAC (July 14/15)
trials. Please, at least email me your entry if you plan to come. I really
can't keep hosting trials and not get entries until two days before the trial
... it is giving me grey hair!

There will be a small concession for the trial and a potluck BBQ on site on
Saturday. I will provide the burgers and fixings.

Avalon Agility
Lloydminster, Alberta

Alanna Leach