Author Topic: This is my yearly PSA for those of you not planning on coming to Champs.  (Read 1249 times)


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Come to Championships and join the fun! 

Championships is in South Jordan, Utah this year.  If you live within a dayís drive, and even if you donít, come join the fun.  Come watch some of the best handlers/dogs/teams NADAC has to offer.  Cheer them around the course and have fun talking NADAC and dog.  It is a unique experience.  Come just to watch, come to lend a hand, come and be amazed by Challenge, Silverstakes and Superstakes.  Come and support NADAC!  This is your chance to give back to NADAC.  Be a bar setter, be a leash runner. 

I always hear people talk about not being qualified to compete at Champs.  Maybe next year.  If you enjoy trialing and talking with dog folks, give Champs a try.  That way if you qualify in the future at least you will have that experience to draw on.  This is not your normal weekend trial.  The days are long but fun-filled.  There are great vendors and a ďState BasketĒ raffle that has to be seen to be believed.  If you volunteer, you get to enter the workerís raffle that is always amazing.  It is a chance to see some of the best teams and meet lots of great people.

Let me say Iím a little, ok a lot, different then many people.  My wife and I attended our first Championship in Tennessee in 2009.  We wanted to see the best of the best and pay NADAC back for the joy and support it had given us.  It was one of the best vacations I ever had, and Iíve had some great vacations.  I was so pumped all week long.  We had so much fun we drove from Raleigh, North Carolina to Gillette, Wyoming in 2010 just to help and have done so every year since.  Neither of us have run a dog in Champs or Pre-champs.  Do yourself a favor and try to attend at least a day or two of championships.  I have made many friends that I see once a year at champs.  Iím like a kid for Christmas, counting the days.  While I doubt youíll have as much fun as I do, it can be a great experience. 

NADAC gives us so much, this is your chance to say thank you.  Having a full arena would make Sharon beam with joy.  You never know when you will get the chance again if it is near you.  A word of warning, you may get addicted, we have

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