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It's been a couple of years since Castle Camelot ventured into NODT's kingdom in Montpelier, OH.  Pelli had hip and spine issues, Al had knee surgery and then he fell off of the Castle's roof and busted himself up pretty good . . .

Pelli and Gael came to us through the rescue that Pete & Sal Mansell (NODT) advise, so it was nice that Pete & Sal got to see "their kids" again!!!

Knowing how hot and humid Dog Days can be, we were initially going to pass on the trial . . . until WorldsBestJrtsDad, Dave, who I met on this forum . . . encouraged me to attend to meet him and Gizmo . . . all the way from Las Vegas!!!

It was a thorough pleasure to meet Dave & Gizmo . . . as well as to renew some old friendships . . . from club members to fellow exhibitors to our judge, Jeff Reidl . . . who, AS ALWAYS, brought FUN, challenging courses . . . and AS ALWAYS, was a pure JOY to trial under!!!

The side-yard, home-schooled distance and self control that I've been working with Pelli paid REAL dividends . . . he only had one off-course in his Tunnelers run; but we had some real nice distance in several places . . . and he negotiated some sequences/challenges superbly that had been difficult for him in the past!!!  He gave me EVERYTHING that he had . . . and I could not be more proud and satisfied with his effort!!!

 . . . and he was grinning in his crate for the entire 3.5 hour drive home! <VBG>

Gael, all of her kidney insufficiency issues aside . . . ran really well with Barb, earned a qualifying score in Novice Tunnelers and her 200 point Novice Tunnelers Extended Title!!!

We learned that our visually challenged boy, Dred, won't be doing Weavers outdoors anymore . . . when the sun was at his back, his weaves were flawless . . . when it was in his eyes . . . he was "blinded by the light" . . . someone cue up Manfred Mann, please . . .

Given that Dred has "tunnel vision", he still negotiated his way through Novice Tunnelers flawlessy and within time constraints . . .

. . . and best of all, we brought a portable "pool" (aka an under the bed plastic tub) that we filled with water so he could cool off after his runs . . . he was in HEAVEN!!!

. . . and even Dave's Gizmo joined in on the "pool party"! <G>

NODT is the ONLY NADAC club that we have in Ohio . . . and their 3 yearly trials are very small . . . today, there were fewer than 100 runs over 6 classes . . .

They have a very nice outdoor site . . . rubber contacts . . . GREAT Junior Handlers that basically run the trial and do so EFFICIENTLY, so if you're looking for a laid-back, nice "retro-style-by-today's standards" trial to attend . . . come to NODT!!!

NODT has been NADAC in Ohio from the "git-go" . . . and has managed to survive when others came and went; so, IMHO, NODT has more than earned support from regional NADAC exhibitors . . .

Just a few more dogs . . . a few more runs . . . could make a WORLD of difference!!!

Again . . . MANY THANKS to Pete & Sal Mansell and the whole of NODT, Judge Jeff Reidl . . . and to new and old friends of ours for making our "return" to Dog Day Saturday a FUN and memorable one!!!

Al, Barb, Dred, Gael & Pellinore . . . aka Castle Camelot . . .

 . . . If'n it ain't FUN, we DON'T run!!! 
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