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Important 2016 Championships information
« on: August 22, 2016, 05:44:47 PM »
Below is a summary of Very Important Information regarding the 2016 Championships event.  Thanks Diane Allen for creating the summary!

Hopefully, for those coming to South Jordan in about a month, there is nothing new here!

But this should provide a quick and easy way to find that information that you vaguely remember reading but now cannot find.  If you have any questions, please start a new topic, so folks can find the answers quickly, not buried in pages of other information!  And if you reply to that topic, please be sure it applies to that topic, not a new one.

Entrants will run two rounds of Regular each day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Everyone also runs a 7th round on Sunday morning.  On Sunday afternoon the top 1/3 of each class will run an 8th Finals round.  The cumulative scores from all rounds will determine the winners of each group.  There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of each grouping in the final awards ceremony.

The first seven rounds will be courses that highlight one of the following:  Jumpers, Hoopers, Touch N Go, Weavers, Tunnelers, and X-Hoopers.  One of the seven rounds will be a normal Regular course, although it could be longer than what is normally seen on a weekend course.

One round will highlight Jumpers and will test the jumping skills of the team, along with contacts and weaves, but the primary "feel" of the course will be a jumpers style course. 
More contact performances than what is normally seen will be in the Touch N Go specialty course, in addition to contact discriminations and directionals onto and off the contact obstacles. This course may or may not include weaves or jumps. Another round will have more tunnels than a regular course, will include weaves and contacts, but will highly directional tests using tunnels. Another round will be the Weavers specialty.  Many of the weave sets will have 6 poles, and at least one set will be 12 poles.  This round will test discriminations with weave poles and directionals both into and out of weaves. This course will also have contacts.

A different course will highlight Hoopers and the course will have lots of hoops and hoopers style tests on the course, along with contacts and weaves.  There would be no jumps on the Hoopers highlighted course.                                                       
A new test for this year will be a round that includes a hoop circle, as seen in the X-Hoopers class.  This course will also include weaves and contacts.  The dogs will make multiple entries into the hoop circle for directional changes and come out to do contacts, weaves, and other obstacles.  The dogs will work towards the hoop circle at one end of the ring by doing some combination of contacts, weaves, jumps, hoops, or barrels, then do some directional in the hoop circle, then come out of the circle and perform other obstacles, and return back to the hoop circle a couple more times for directional tests.  The handler will not be allowed to pass the wings of the hoop circle without faults,  just as in the X-Hoopers class.  All groups will have a similar course - pre-elite, elite and stakes.   Pre-elite may have fewer passes into the circle. 

You have the option of running this with x-pens defining the circle for extra points, or running the same course without the pens for no extra points.  If you know that you want the hoop circle enclosed with x-pens for your runs, please let me know.  If you aren’t going to decide until after Wednesday’s x-hoopers class, that’s fine.   You *must* decide by Wednesday evening and let me know.  There will be a sign up sheet for people to indicate their choice and must be completed within one hour after the last X-Hoopers run on Wednesday.

There will not be a "Barrelers" highlighted course but there could be barrels used on any course. 

The remaining two rounds will be "Regular" style courses as would be seen on the weekends, although they might be longer than what is normally seen on a weekend course.

Some of the courses will be shorter for the Pre-Elite group and some might be shorter or changed for the Double Digit groups.  Be sure to listen to your walk-through instructions if you are part of the Pre-Elite or Double Digit groups and not walk out of turn, as you might miss any changes for your groups.  Be sure to walk with your correct groups.

 We allow senior and physically impaired handlers to walk as long as they want, but they also need to be sure to walk the courses that match their competitive groups so they are always walking the correct courses.

The Finals round is always a normal Regular course, although it could be longer than what is normally seen on a weekend course.   
In each round (except Pre-Elite) there will be one or more distance tests in honor of the Chances class.  These tests will be less distance than what is normally seen on a Chances course.  If a team attempts the distance test and fails (dog or handler step over the line), they will receive a 5 point line fault.  If the handler makes no attempt at the distance test, they will receive a 10 point line fault for no attempt at the test.

We have added a new "Versatility Award" for the 2016 Championships.  Any entrant that earns a minimum of 14 qualifying rounds (at least four must come from the Championships runs) between the Champs runs and the Pre-trial runs will earn a special "2016 NADAC Versatility Award".   All rounds of the Pre-trial and Championships count, regardless of level entered.


Each of the following is a competitive group, based on the dog’s height. If more X-small and small dogs enter, those groups may be split.
Double Digit X-small and Double Digit Small.
Double Digit Medium
Double Digit Large

Pre-Elite X-small
Pre-Elite Small
Pre-Elite Medium
Pre-Elite Large

Regular X-Small-Standard
Regular Small-Standard

Regular-X-small-Veteran dog/Veteran Handler/JH
Regular-Small-Veteran dog/Veteran Handler/JH
Regular-Medium-Veteran dog/Veteran Handler/JH
Regular-Large-Veteran dog/Veteran Handler/JH

Challenge Stakes
Silver Stakes
Super Stakes


X-Small are dogs 11" and under or dogs with height exemptions that place them in the 11" and under group.
Small are dogs over 11" and up to and including 14" in height.
Medium are dogs over 14" and up to and including 18" in height.
Large are dogs over 18" tall.


If your dog is under 18" in height, we will need a measurement confirming the dog's correct entry height.  You can get that measurement at a trial or from a local judge willing to measure your dog.  The judge cannot be an SP level judge.  Email that info to me or have the judge email that info.  For dogs not measured ahead of time, we will measure the dogs at the event to ensure that the dogs are in the correct competitive group.


During the pre-Champs runs, there will be two rings set up to move things along faster.  Just like a normal weekend, there will never be two dogs off leash in the same ring.  Rings are separated by curtains, so they won’t even see each other either in the rings or while entering or exiting.

Any other changes to your entry (swapping one class for another) should be sent via email to me at .  The cut-off date for this is Sept. 10th.

Thursday and Sunday: 
X-Small to tall dogs* -- Pre-Elite, Double Digit, Elite, Stakes (Challenge, Silver and Super).  *There may be a few exceptions for handlers with multiple dogs.

Friday:  Elite 12”, then 16”, 8”, 12”.
Saturday: Elite  16”, then 8”, 12”.

Becky Woodruff ( ) is coordinating stall assignments.

Everyone who has made a reservation for a stall should have received a confirmation email from her.   If not, please let her know.   A list of stall assignments will be posted to the Forum soon, and a list will be available in the stall area.

There are not electrical outlets in each stall, but are nearby. If you plan to bring/use a fan or heater (weather can be variable), or have lights for your décor, please bring a heavy duty  extension cord.

No tents may not be setup on the grounds.

Watch your awnings, as there could be strong winds in the area.

No one may arrive before 11 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 26.  Greg Battaglia is coordinating the thankless job (so be sure to thank him!) of parking RVs.  All RV spots are full, so you should have paid for your spots and be on his latest list of attendees and friends who want to park together.  He is maintaining a waiting list (in case someone cancels at the last minute - but don’t count on it!).  In an effort to avoid a traffic jam, Greg will be contacting you with a suggested arrival time. Those wanting to park together should arrive at the same time.

One of the issues we had last time concerned the number of available electrical outlets on the portable electrical panels.  While there were plenty of outlets, the use of large electrical RV plugs made some of the outlets inaccessible.  Below is an adapter available from that will free up space at the outlets.  [Coleman Cable 09542 14/3 STW 15 to 30-Amp RV Adapter Extension Cord with Lighted End, 18-Inch, Black]  This adapter gets the larger RV plug away from the panel’s outlets thereby allowing better access. It is highly recommended that you obtain one of these or something similar.  It is also highly recommended that you bring at least one 25’ heavy duty (14 ga. or larger) extension cord.  The longer the cord, the larger the wire size.

There are no water or sewer hookups available.  Generally, folks have pooled together hoses, and we’ve been able to refill water tanks mid-week at least once; but it’s good to plan on arriving with a full water tank.

Holding tank disposal service will be available on Thursday for $40 cash only; Greg will collect this fee.

A food vendor (not the same as in 2012 or 2014!) will be available, at the very least with the usual “fast food” array of choices, with a few breakfast items and non-alcoholic beverages.  Salads, wraps, other sandwiches and possibly a hot meal may be available as well.  There are some fast food and other restaurants, as well as grocery stores not too far from the site.

The most amazing array of “baskets” (or coolers, dog pools, chairs, buckets, etc.!) will be available at the Champs raffle, with all proceeds supporting this event.  The drawing will be mid-day Sunday.  If you can’t be there, please arrange with someone to pick up your items.

Raffle tickets will be priced as follows.
$1 = 1 ticket
$5 = 7 tickets
$10 = 15 tickets
$20 =  35 tickets
$50 = 100 tickets

Wednesday only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. will be the Bruce Vincent Early Bird special ticket sales. It is when you can buy 300 tickets for $100.00   So save up your money!!!   

The raffle area will be on the upper mezzanine  near the vendors and the ribbon wall. We will open the raffle area tables for set up as soon as we have the tables organized and covered, probably late Tuesday.  Each group/person is responsible for setting up their own basket area.

Once again, the marvelous Three Pines Production crew will be taping pre-Champs and Champs runs.  While instant replay won’t be available, you can review all your runs to review before purchasing.   You should have already ordered yours, but if not, get in touch with Mary, Coordinator Extraordinaire, at .  Due to bandwidth  availability, there will be no live stream for your friends back home.


Warm Up Rings:
There will be a small warm-up area available as you enter the arena just before your run on Thursday-Sunday morning. This may include a jump, hoop, and/or barrel.  You are permitted to have non-audible toys and/or treats in this area, but before your move to the next holding area, those will be given over to a “runner” (like the leash runner) and you can pick them up after your run.

There will be an extended warm-up area in the main arena, available before your run on Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun, including a hoop circle on Friday.  There is a $3 charge per run, or $18 for all seven rounds, for use of this warm-up area, available only just prior to your run.  You may pre-pay by sending a check to the Dodds Road address or via PayPal
 ( ) be sure to make a note what it is for).  Prepaid tickets will be in your check-in bags.

X-HOOPERS:  Note, this information is not specific to 2016 Championships but has been discussed in depth on the Champs Forum.

X-Hoopers is now available to be run as VT.  On the courses provided under the Media tab on this Forum, the purple lines are where the x-pens are set; the arrows don’t mean anything (they’re just an artifact of the course design program).

X-Barrelers is not available for VT runs, as judging the dog’s path would require a drone for the camera, and not too many clubs have those yet!

For Champs 2017, there will definitely be an x-hoopers circle as part of a regular course.  Entrants must have 20 points in x-hoopers ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬at any level, to enter 2017 Championships.

For setting an X-Hoopers course (whether as part of a regular course, which you haven’ t seen yet but may in the future! OR as a stand-alone X-Hoopers course at a regular trial or as VT run, you need 4 x-pens that are 36” high and 16’ long (8 sections, 2’ each) and 2 x-pens that are 36” high and 12’ long for the ‘wings.’  You need 6 hoops for the circle and wings, and generally about 6 more for the entry/exit path.

X-pens without doors are preferred, but doors are OK, latched shut.  Lighter weight pens may require staking in the middle, especially in windy conditions.  Small trips of velcro can be used to attach pens to hoops and if needed, to poles. Pens can be any color.