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New Study National Canine Cancer Foundation
« on: April 15, 2012, 07:49:48 PM »
Quote from: Sara Nice
Permission to Cross Post:

Attention Agility Competitors!

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is starting a landmark observational study on the effects of natural supplements on our dogs and specifically our dogs who find themselves fighting cancer. Elimay supplements ( has stepped up and agreed to fully fund a two year Observational Study on the effects of their products. As you have heard many times, most supplements only have anecdotal evidence of if the products work or not, there are not many, if any studies done to draw conclusions on if natural supplements are successful in the treatment of cancer. This is a VERY exciting study for us to conduct and we need your help to find dogs that can participate in this study.

This Study will be taking place in Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and San Diego. The Study will run for two years and each dog entered into the study will have to commit to going to our vets for check up's every three months. The Vets that have been selected and asked to participate in this study were selected with the agility community in mind. We have gone into each market and asked agility competitors what vet they go to for holistic treatment. We have also found oncologists, who were recommended by the agility community, who rely on holistic treatments as well in their practices to participate in the study. All supplements used during this trial will be supplied by Elimay and in many cases, the vet visits will also be paid for or discounted.

We are looking for three groups of dogs to participate:

Group 1: Healthy dogs from ages 2 to 6.
Product each dog will take is Elimay Longevity, Elimay Omegas, Elimay Immunity. Dosage to be determined.

Group 2: Dogs with strong history of cancer in their lines and breed from ages 4 to 9.
Product each dog will take is Elimay Longevity, Elimay Omegas, Elimay Immunity. Dosage to be determined.

Group 3: Dogs with a diagnosis of cancer at any age. Candidates must have a verifiable diagnosis. Product each dog will be taking will be determined by doctors at Elimay Dosage to be determined.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact me immediately at Our target start date for this study is May 2012. Please include information about where you are located, the age and breed of your dog, which group the dog would fit into and why you would like to participate in the study. Also include what level of agility you are currently competing. Agility involvement is not necessary, but we chose this group of dog owners to participate in the study because you are very aware of all of your dog's needs, healthy and wellness wise, as you are training dog athletes. Please feel free to cross post this request across your dog lists.

If you are just interested in finding out more about the study itself, we will be setting up a website where you can follow the study and find out all about the information being obtained from the study. Please email me regarding this and I will email you the link as soon as the site is ready.

Thank you for your help and your participation! We are excited to see the good results and we are thankful to Elimay supplements for "putting their money where their mouth is" to prove that natural supplements can help our dogs fight canine cancer.

Sara Nice
mom to the TN Shedding Wonders


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Re: New Study National Canine Cancer Foundation
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2012, 09:05:29 PM »
As someone who has lost a dog to cancer, I am so happy that this study is being undertaken.  If Bear was still alive and I lived in an area where the study was, I would be signing up in a heartbeat. 

Kathie Till
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