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Re: Handling Systems
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If not for my "switch incident" at 80 feet, I would be 100% with you...  But that's what taught me what was on Mia's card for outside arm.  You're right, it was a BIG outside arm and I guess I could call the one I used for the "out" discrimination more subtle...  But with a not-so-subtle dog (or maybe too subtle!!), I decided I wanted to make my communication as clear as possible and not risk confusing her where I don't have to.  Anyway, that was just an example of how I realized how easy it is to get attached to "what works" and then later realize that it might be creating a conflict with my other communications.


 that is the difference is how you train for bonus line dogs (you and Mia) and dogs who just run with a decent amount of distance (Kiva and I) so good for you!!!   And by the way - You are doing exactly what is right for Mia b/c she is so sensitive to things...Love her - but you have to be VERY honest with her about what you want - I find that Nika requires a lot of honesty too or she will shut down...Kiva - eh- the more she gets to run on the course - even if wrong courses- the happier she is!  crazy girl!

And now we are in 100% agreement! YAY!  ;D

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