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2016 Champs winners!
« on: October 08, 2016, 10:55:23 AM »
Hey Folks,

Here are the winners of the various awards and divisions at champs this year.   The sponsor bars are not listed here as I don't have them, but we'll get them added soon :)

For all of the main divisions you can view the final results and overall scores here:]

Just click on the box that says Regular Overall.    If you want to look at a smaller list just type in the Competition group into the search bar :)   If you just start to type it in it will auto suggest different groups as well.

Our Team winners:

Double Digit:

1st Place
Shooting Stars
  • Murrelet Halterman and Tui
  • Patti Cavin and Jessie
  • Diane Allen and Bracken

2nd Place
Double Digits Kan Du
  • Stephanie Bowers and Bummer
  • Cynthia Ernat and Spice
  • LeeAnne McAdam and Sinner

3rd Place
I kissed a dog and I liked it!
  • Salli Dulco and Paris
  • Cherie Singer and Jewel
  • Lin Battaglia and Esteem


1st Place
WTF ( Way Too Fast )
  • Rachelle Jensen and Tikvah
  • Diane Allen and Teasel
  • Lorrie Stelz and Kaiden

2nd Place
Yellowstone Dog Sports
  • Elaine Osmun and Tyger
  • Tammi Archbold and Rocky
  • Gro Aasgaard and Kylie

3rd Place
Pole Dancers on a Pension
  • Betty Carter and Bonus
  • Marcy Matties and Dublin
  • Betty Carter and Bongo


1st Place
The Reluctants
  • Sharon Nelson and Busi
  • Linda Fuller and Jit
  • Carl Jelovich and Z

2nd Place
Stake Dinner
  • Dixie Lampers and Simi
  • Denise Gosik and Riot
  • Amanda Nelson and Nargles

Tie for 1st
Psychadelic Furz
  • Daniel Edwards and Milo
  • Patty Diehl and Zorin
  • Lynn Sanders and Kenzie
Conn't Quiglify without Gaemer
  • Rachelle Jensen and Gaemer
  • Julie Macleod and Connor
  • Melanie Harris and Quigley

2nd Place
Let the Fur Fly
  • Marsha Orrick and Munkin
  • Sandy Langan and Dusty
  • Gail Robbins and Shellie

3rd Place
East Side JV Squad
  • Lynne Almeida and Calvin
  • Sherry Dodson and Guinness
  • Jan Burwell and Juvi

1st Place
Borderline Insanity
  • Lexi Brigante and Epic
  • Lexi Brigante and Jiffy
  • Lexi Brigante And Devlyn

2nd Place
Northern Blizz Herds
  • Brenda Nault and Zeva
  • Joyce Roessner and Pagan
  • Alanna Leach and Cinna

3rd Place
Bonker Boys
  • Lisa Bonker and JP7
  • Lisa Bonker and Revolution
  • Lisa Bonker and Tandem

Highest Scoring X-Hoopers:

20" Group:   Jean McCreight and Tux
16" Group: Mike Mason and 2iggie
12" Group: Mike Mason and Boogie
8" Group: Tammi Archbold and Rocky

Lark Award (Highest Scoring Rescue dog in Pre-Elite)

Melanie Harris and Quigley

Highest Scoring Junior Handler:

Tanah Oestmann and Ice

Most Inspiring Junior Handler
Charity Wampler and Patience

Versatility Champions (14 Q's earned between the pre-trial and champs, with a minimum of 4 coming from champs)

  • Cherie Singer and Blizzard
  • April Weber and Harrie
  • Donna Reil and Gracie
  • Renee Barnaby and Gizmo
  • Pam Smith and Fizz
  • Rachelle Jensen and Gaemer
  • Alex Figures and Jolly
  • Billie Rosen and Klev'r
  • Cynthia Ernat and Konfetti
  • Daniel Edwards and Milo
  • Wendy Hultsman and Odie
  • Wendy Hultsman and Phlash
  • Wendy Hultsman and Qyette
  • Karen Merriman and Sammi
  • Sam Liets and Schatzi
  • Cynthia Ernat and Spice
  • Murrelet Halterman and Tui
  • Micki Rosiles and Zumi
  • Ilyse Stern and Frango
  • Lynn Sanders and Kenzie
  • Mike Mason and 2iggie
  • Karen Merriman and Harry
  • Tony Kopas and Kash
  • Carrie Kinnear and Maggie
  • Yvette Cook and Roxie
  • Diane allen and Teasel
  • Rachelle Jensen and Tikvah
  • Mike Mason and Boogie
  • Joyce Roessner and Pagan

Super Stakes Cup Earned:
  • Sharon Nelson and Busi
  • Linda Fuller and Jit

Silver Stakes Cup Earned:
  • Janemarie Watchorn and Charlie

Most Bonus Points Earned:

Super Stakes:
  • Linda Fuller and Jit

Silver Stakes:
  • Janemarie Watchorn and Charlie

Challenge Stakes:
  • Denise Gosik and Riot